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KushKards x

The Peculiar Ink

Keeping it #lit

 Ellipsis Wines x Tso Sonoma x Canna Curious Club x The Peculiar Ink

Ellipsis Wines x Tso Sonoma x Canna Curious Club x The Peculiar Ink


"...For over a year, we commissioned artists for design work and just weren't in love with the final products. With a uniquely personalized approach, Claire took care in our initial client interview to fully understand the details of our desired aesthetic--and nailed it!  Claire, we cannot thank you enough for your creativity, energy, and sincerity in working with us to brand FiveTen Wellness. In the cannabis space and beyond, The Peculiar Ink is legit! Many many thanks!!”

Marketing Materials designed for Eel River Organics - the most unique method of farming and a leader in the industry. It was a pleasure working with and for them.

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Dee reached out to me to have an analog chalk sign commissioned for her weekly Ganja Yoga Class in San Francisco & Oakland.  Being a lover of Dee already, this was an easy project to take!  With the goal being to communicate how to dose cannabis to those new to partaking, this was a fun project all the way around.  Working with Dee is always an absolute pleasure.


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I love working with these ladies. Their outlook on cannabis and it affects us women especially is top notch. They are always on the leading edge of style and elegance and I love to collaborate with this special group. This is a fun chalk sign I did for a luncheon they got together.