Invitation addressing

Pricing assumes the client provides all paper stock. Please review the notes about envelope and paper quality at the bottom of the page.

Double Envelopes - $4.00 per set
Unlined, white to ivory-hued envelopes with black ink

Single Envelopes - $3.50 per envelope
Unlined, white to ivory-hued envelopes with black ink

Add-On Services
Colored or Metallic Ink - additional $0.75 each
Colored or Lined Envelopes - additional $0.50 each

“day of” event materials

Place Cards (name-only) - $1.50 each
Escort Cards (name and table assignment) - $2.00 each
Table Numbers - $5.00 each (numerals) / $7.50 each (words)
*same charges apply for colored paper or colored ink (see above pricing)

other commissioned projects

Handwritten poem or prose - $25 per line or $75 per hour
Price includes a print-ready digital file, if desired. Price does not include paper.

Quality of Paper + Envelopes: It is essential to provide high quality envelopes and paper to have the best results. Brands such as Envelopments,  William Arthur and Crane’s are great brands to look for. These brands are dependable and work well with ink. Others are not always as dependable and may bleed.

Deposits + Payments: Envelopes: 50% non-refundable booking fee to reserve time in my schedule; balance is due upon pick-up/delivery. For other artwork a 50% non-refundable deposit is due to begin any custom artwork or layout; balance is due upon pick-up/delivery.